Travis Lazar

I have worked for over a decade in the technology sector, focused on how software can assist growing or established businesses. In fact, I still work in the technology industry, and very happily so. So why have a consulting practice?

Since 2010 I’ve consulted with friends, friends of friends, co-workers from previous work experience, friends of those old co-workers, and all manner of people in between; I very much enjoy connecting directly with people who may not be technology experts, and helping them navigate the complexities of “the cloud”.

In my career, I have written lots of code, designed enterprise systems, and managed projects with a $25M+ budget. I’m an expert in how to leverage the cloud for better business. I want to bring that knowledge to everyday practitioners who otherwise don’t have access to cutting edge techniques and methodologies.

For questions or inquiries, please send an email to – I can’t wait to hear from you.

How I Work

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    Introductory Consultation

    It starts with a consultation, usually a 30-60 minute phone call so that I can understand your needs. Be prepared to talk about what problems you're trying to solve, what your priorities are, and what kind of budget you have. This will give me an opportunity to ask lots of questions so that I can accurately scope the project.

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    Project Definition

    After we chat, I'll work up a proposal within 5-10 business days. The bigger the project, the longer the proposal will take. Included in this documentation will be a budget for my time, a schedule of my work, and the scope of what I will work on.

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    Finalize and Agree on Plan

    After I finish a complete proposal for your project and how I can help, we'll jump on another 30-minute phone call. Here, you can ask questions, we can adjust scope, and finalize details on how we'll work together.

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    Project Execution

    After all details are finalized, project work will begin according to the project schedule. I'll give regular updates via email.

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    Project Delivery

    At the end of the project schedule, all artifacts will be delivered to you via a wrap-up meeting. Any training that needs to happen will happen during this time. Any support or ongoing work agreements would be reviewed and covered here as well. Any final questions or follow up work can also be discussed.