Cost & Subscription Audit

Paying for a ton of cloud services, but don’t know what value they’re adding? Let’s take a look together and find ways to save you money.

Your Cost & Subscription Audit will include:

  • A comprehensive description of each of your cloud services:
    • What do they do?
    • What value are they adding to your business?
    • Are there any alternatives?
    • Can you drop the service entirely?
    • Can you drop the service in favor of another service you might already pay for? In other words: consolidation.
  • A recommendation on next steps and estimated savings.

Have peace of mind that you aren’t wasting money and getting little or no value out of the cloud services you rely upon. The technology landscape changes, have confidence that there aren’t better options in the marketplace today to solve your problems (better, cheaper, faster).

Let's get started