Web Site Creation

A web presence is the reality of modern industry – everyone needs it. Unfortunately, web is difficult, confusing, and hard to keep up with. It’s also difficult to focus on when your business is front and center in your mind. I can help.

Whether you’re building a site from the ground up, moving from one web solution to another, or exploring a new web-based project, I have the expertise to help. My deep background in web development and enterprise application architecture means that you’ll get a complete assessment and a robust set of options to choose from. We’ll do a pro/con analysis together of each possible solution, and make the decision that’s right for your business and your budget.

On delivery, you’ll receive a professional looking web solution that meets your needs and helps your business. Optionally, I can deliver a comprehensive set of training materials on the back-end implementation and content updates; or we can work out an appropriate monthly service plan where I turn out content updates within a standard business day.

Project Types

Build or migrate a website

Let’s build a website from the ground up, or migrate an existing website to the modern web.

Sell goods or services online

Let’s build you a digital storefront so that you can sell your goods around the world.

Manage 3rd party presence

It’s not just your site that matters. Your business web presence spans 3rd party applications like Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and more.

Help with a development team

Sometimes working with a development firm can be intimidating or confusing. Let’s bring clarity and quality to working with a technical development team.

TechnologiesThese are just the beginning. Reach out for details.

PricingPricing is different for every project, but typically you can expect this range of costs.

Site Creation
$1k - $6k
plus hosting costs
Includes everything needed to go live with your site. Hosting costs vary but are typically in the range of $25-$50 / mo.
Training Material
digital and print
A wide variety of options exist for how we roll out training. There’s a lot of room for creativity as this is built.
Service Plan
$100+ / mo.
fully customized
If you’d prefer not to manage the site and content directly, I can operate everything on the back-end. One day turnaround.

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