Training Materials

Training Materials

Rolling out changes to existing technology solutions? Adding new technology solutions? Need personal or employee training to ensure everyone is enabled to succeed on the new platform? I can help.

Whether it’s small group training targeted at 1-10 people using a complex platform, or widespread employee training targeted at 1-10,000 people, we can put everyone on the same page.

Your Training Materials will include:

  • Custom tailored training materials specific to your needs.
  • Digitally tuned copies of your training material that you can distribute and reference at any time. Usually in the form of a PowerPoint or PDF file, and grouped by activity.
  • Hard-copy tuned documentation to use as physical cheatsheets or reference sheets. These can be built for the specific physical space – whether that includes size, imagery, or layout, we’ll find a form factor that meets your needs.
  • (Optionally) An FAQ written after the initial deployment, following up on any active and ongoing employee questions.
  • (Optionally) Digitally recorded video training that you or your employees can watch at any time. Can be part of new employee orientations, or provided on an as-needed basis.
  • (Optionally) Live training over a digital bridge, where attendees can ask questions in real-time.

Get the most out of your technology and your employees. Let’s make your people more productive.

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